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Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our State Representative Pat Somerville. Rep. Somerville has filed the required paperwork for re-election to represent Michigan’s 23rd District, which includes the communities of Brownstown Township, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile Township, Huron Township, Trenton, and Woodhaven.

Rep. Somerville has fought to protect hard-working taxpayers while making jobs his top priority and putting our families first. In order to make Michigan a better place to create jobs, we need to make it a better place to provide a job. Our economy is improving, jobs are steadily increasing, and positive changes are happening all around our state. Rep. Somerville will continue to focus on solutions, deliver results, and promote the quality of life of the people of Michigan.

As a candidate in 2010, Somerville saw Michigan’s unemployment rate at above 15 percent, our state’s budget deficit was $1.5 billion, and our state’s “rainy day” fund teetered around $2 million.

“We have made tremendous progress getting Michigan’s economy back on track. Now, Michigan’s most recent unemployment numbers come in at it’s lowest since 2008 due to the addition of nearly 275,000 private sector jobs. Through common sense reforms, we’ve reduced the state’s debt by $20 billion and left ourselves with a surplus of approximately $512 million,” Somerville said. “We must not let up! There is still much more work to do! There is no such thing as “good enough” when it comes to fighting for hard-working families of this state. That’s why I’m asking the citizens of the 23rd District for the privilege to continue serving them in Lansing,” Somerville said.

Our state government continues to become more effective and efficient, personal incomes are rising, and as our kids and grandkids are coming home, the people of this great state once again have the confidence to say that Michigan’s brightest days are still to come.

The Michigan Comeback has begun; let’s not turn our back on the progress we’ve made. Please join our team today and keep Michigan moving forward!